Chaldean Chant played by Mr. Mishu

Chant takes many at 11:00 Mass Mary Weaver sang the Gregorian Communion Chant for today's Feast of Christ the King...and Mr. Fuad Mishu then played a Chaldean Chant on the violin. A visit to the website of the Department of State of the United States of American video about daughter Susan Mishu Dakak also gives background on Mr. Mishu as a musician and is worth a viewing:

.In Their Own Words: Lives of Iraqi Americans - US Department of State

Gregorian Chant - Chaldean Chant the source?

"Now the name of Linus or Osiris, as the 'husband of his mother,' in Egypt, was Kamut. 

"When Gregory the great introduced into the church of Rome what are not called the Gregorian Chants, he got them from the Chaldean mysteries, which had long been established in Rome; for the Roman Catholic priest, Eustace, admits that these chants were largely composed of 'Lydian and Phrygian tunes.'

 Lydia and Phrygia being among the chief seats in later times of those mysteries of which the Egyptian mysteries were only a branch. These tunes were sacred--the music of the great god, and in introducing them Gregory introduced the music of Kamut. 

And thus, to all appearance, has it come to pass, that the name of Osiris or Kamut, 'the husband of the mother,' is in every day use among ourselves as the name of the musical scale; for what is the melody of Osiris, consisting of the 'seven vowels' formed into a hymn, but--the Gamut?" (Hislop, Alexander, The Two Babylons, p. 22, Loizeaux Brothers.)