Our Instruments

We need an organ...and would like to have a bell carillon with manual keyboard as well.

Right now the organ sounds you are hearing coming from a Roland C-190...

intro_R_L.jpg playing through a Roland Digital piano.

What we wish to have is this:


This is a digital organ (sound comes from digital recordings [called samples] of organ pipes) and is capable of also playing wind-blown organ pipes when they might become available.

Funding: In-Hand $20,000 [25% from sale of our old organ, 75% contributed by choir members.

Needed: An Additional $120,000.

To add wind-blown pipes: Approximately $75,000 to 100,000 would be a very good start on supplementing this digital instrument with pipework....

Also:  The bell chamber in the tower has three historic swinging bells that spent 100 years ringing in an German Evangelical Lutheran Church in the midwest, a gift of the youth of the church,while the tower awaits a donor for a traditional struck bell carillon ....Here is a link to information about a carillon like the one pictured below: LINK

Our bells were made in the US and were shipped to Holland to be renovated and TUNED (some bell foundries 100 years ago did not have the ability to tune bells) and now shipped back to us.

Carillon 012 (Large)