Choir School - 2008

This Choir School is being sponsored by the Saint John Neumann Church Choir in cooperation with Musicam Sacram  of East Tennessee, a Church Music Association of America, CMAA, group. As we do not have a church building available, we will be meeting in the SJN School Gym where we normally rehearse the choir


Is everything going to be in....Latin?  No, of course not! More than half of the music we will be singing (especially if you count measures) is in English. But there will be time spent on proper pronunciation which brings about beautiful singing.  And that takes pure vowels....while Italian has what some consider to be the purest vowels, church Latin uses Italian pronunciation, so it all falls together.  To get everybody up to speed we will use a superfast Italian from TV session to get rolling using pure vowels...can you say Prego?  How about Buon Giorno?

Will this be in a church?  Do I have to wear a veil or anything special?  It will be in a gym.  The new church remains unfinished.

Do I have to be able to read music?  Pavarotti couldn't, so we've relaxed the rules.

Do I have to be...Catholic?  Quite a few of our members are converts to the Catholic Faith.  And we have a card-carrying Baptist singing every Sunday in our choir.  So, no.  It's definitely not a requirement.

Questions? Call noel jones at 423 887-7594 or email him at

What music are we going to sing for sure?  This is being finalized as we get reservations and will be posted shortly if you wish to download it an advance.  

What if I get there and find out that it's not what I expected?  We refund the registration fee to anyone at any time who is not totally satisfied with our schools and workshops.  Do not hesitate to ask for your funds to be refunded.

Map to SJN School

Summer is a time for refreshing the spirit.  And it can be a time of musical renewal for people who want to enjoy, learn and improve their ability singing music of the Catholic Church.  Gregorian Chant, English Chant, Masses and Polyphonic Music of the ages...and of today.  Music sung in European Churches for centuries, as well as music from the English School of choral writing, as may be heard the in London's Catholic Westminster Cathedral.

In a time of musical renewal of the Catholic Church is this the summer that you take time to find the time to be part of a group of singers who want to experience the finest music of the church...without having to travel to France, Rome or Germany?  There are now choirs in the United States that seek to bring the music of the church...a capella as well as accompanied by organ...back into its place of importance in the church. 

Six-week choir school to be held at St. John Neumann School in Farragut

Singers and music directors of all faiths are invited to take part in a six-week choir school beginning Wednesday, July 23, at St. John Neumann School in Farragut. Each Wednesday rehearsal will run from 7 to 9 p.m. The program will end with choral evensong on Aug. 27, followed by an ice-cream social for choristers and their guests.

Materials fee for the program is $20 for non-members of St. John Neumann Parish. A few scholarships are available by audition.

Youth and adult singers are welcome. Those who wish to learn basic choral conducting are also encouraged to take part. Singers will have the opportunity to participate in the Sunday 10:30 Mass if desired.

    Repertory for the program will include Gregorian and English chant and works by composers from the Renaissance, Baroque, and modern eras. Works under consideration range from "Crucifixus" (Lotti), "Adoramus Te" (Viadana), and "Hear My Prayer, O Lord" (Purcell), to 20th-century compositions by Louis Vierne, Morten Lauridsen, and William H. Harris.

    The choir school will be conducted by Noel Jones, music director at St. John Neumann. Mr. Jones has worked as a conductor, opera coach, and organ recitalist in the United States, Germany, and Italy. 

    For details, visit, e-mail, or call 423-887-7594. 

The Summer Choir School will culminate in a an evening Choral Evensong.

One Session, 6 weeks, 7-9 on Wednesday Nights.

First Session, July 23rd

Ending, August 27th with:

7:00 Rehearsal

7:30 Choral Evensong

Followed by an Ice Cream Social for Choristers and Guests

Open to:

Singers, youth and adults, accepted

Beginning Choral Directors - a few openings exist in our choral conducting training program

Materials Fee of $20 for non-parishioners.  A few Scholarships may be available by Audition. 

Repertoire being sung:

Music for Evensong Audio Files unless otherwise indicated

Beata Viscera & Magnificat


Nunc Dimittis

Locus Iste - Anton Bruckner

Agnus Dei - Elgar - PARTS:

Solo Soprano

Cantate Domino  Pitoni VIDEO

Evensong • August 27, 2008 • Choir School 2008

.Rehearsal and Service....




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